WordPress Video Training Course

WordPress Video Training Course – Step By Step

This is a set of 23 step-by-step videos showing the ins and outs of WordPress from basic setup to advanced settings that most folks don’t even know exist!

Every video is step by step and covers information that is extremely easy to follow. If you are working with wordpress or would like to, this video guide is for you!

WordPress training course outline:

  • Installation
  • Dashboard
  • Posting
  • Editing Posts
  • Tags And Categories
  • Links
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Themes
  • Adding Themes
  • Widgets
  • Editors
  • Plugins
  • Tools
  • Users
  • Settings
  • Media

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Remember this, wordpress is being used by almost every single online marketer… so if you would like to learn how to use one of the most valuable FREE online resources, then you should to watch these videos.

If you are already using wordpress , but your still not an expert with it, then this is a great course for you also!

Download the complete 23 video wordpress training course by CLICKING HERE!


Hope it helps and you enjoy it :)