WordAi Review – R.I.P. To The Best Spinner?

WordAi Review… Simply The Best Now

WordAi ReviewIf you do any kind of SEO campaigns, article marketing etc. then you really have to take a look at this up and coming spinner from WordAi. I’ve been using it now for roughly 3 weeks on my Senuke campaigns and I am amazed at the readability of the content it produces. Although most of the mainstream software isn’t tapping into WordAi’s api yet, I have a feeling they will soon because of the top-notch articles it produces.

I am not exagerating when I say that out of my 12 years in Internet Marketing, I have not seen a spinner spit out such unique and readable articles like this! That is a bold statement, I know.. But here, let me show you first hand:

Here is a snippet of an article I found on the web:

WordAi Content Source

Here is that article spun with WordAi on the Unique (Not as Readable) Setting:

[content_box_light_blue width=”95%”]Why Is WordAi Different?

Being the best article rewriter isn’t as simple as you may think, especially if you are a robot. In order for spinning applications to be any good, it must do a few things. It must recognize the fundamental principles of Language syntax and quality content must be produced by it.

Comprehending Language syntax isn’t simple. College youngsters spend almost two decades of their lives declining to grasp the principles behind this rich but confusing terminology. While the spellchecker in your pc might seem to do a good job, you probably find if you do not assess yourself to the job that it generates all sorts of inexcusable mistakes.

Quality content can be produced by proper usage of the rules behind English grammar and a rich vocabulary. You will need this in order to maintain traffic thinking about your site. The worst nightmare for a blogger is a post that makes little feeling and persuades the public that the operator is either asleep at the switch or an idiot.

WordAi prevents these negative opportunities since it can more than understand words. It understands how English words interact and also have an effect on one anothers’ presences. In other words, it switches out a word for a word and when WordAi is reworking an article, it reevaluates how that change affects the phrase. This assists nonsense rearrangements to be avoided not only by it of phrases but it furthermore avoids the frequently cumbersome phrases you could see on some blogs.[/content_box_light_blue]

Here is the result of the uniqueness in the eyes of Google:

WordAi Results

Not too shabby, huh? Alls I did was paste in the seed article and WordAi spit out a spintax version along with a few already spun articles one of which is pasted above. No hand editing or manual sentence rewriting… Can you say HUGE time saver??

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Since I’ve started using this, I have completely stopped using The Best Spinner for my SEO campaigns and my Web 2.0’s, Articles and Wikis have never looked so readable. I am using the Turing Spinner plan which costs $50/month and it is well worth it for the quality it produces.

That is why I had to write this WordAi review to let my readers know about this underground gem and to show how it easily produces READABLE unique content versus The Best Spinner’s garbled up nonsense.

They are offering a free 3 day Trial so check it out for yourself!