Online Marketing – The Basics

The Basics Of Online Marketing


Online Marketing


Marketing online is completely different when compared to traditional marketing in today’s world.  Basically, much like traditional marketing for businesses,  numerous old school tactics and theories still apply.

When beginning any type of business there should always be a plan of action or a legitimate business plan. This can unquestionably vary depending on the type of business or niche. Some business plans won’t require much detail but depending how complex you are in your planning phase you could end up with as much as a 500 page document.

The Essential Plans To Make Money Online

There could be lots of planning involved when starting a new business venture or even when your branching off to design an online entity for your business. There’s a whole lot of things to think about when configuring a sales funnel to optimize at its best. Depending on what product or service you’re trying to promote, many online marketers will give the advice to start a blog based on your niche to build authority in that industry. For example, if you try to promote an information product in the popular make money online niche, you have to go about it the same way as an old fashioned brick and mortar business and provide relevant content of based on the goal of your business. A blog is great because for one google loves blogs that have fresh updated unique content. Also, it can culminate repeat visitors that will interact by leaving comments and feedback on your pages.

Blogs For Online Marketing

Blogging is a great way to get started and get the word out about yourself or product that you trying to promote. Be prepared to learn the basics of linkbuilding to help your website get a higher page rank on Google for search engine rankings.  The huge mistake many people make when starting a blog it’s too much advertising.  Banners all over the place, click here now, things like that will often cause a visitor to exit out your site very quickly.  Once our web site gets more established you can go ahead and place more banners along with popup scripts to collect emails never do that if the blood is new and barely has any content.

Another way is to use paid traffic sources. This can be much quicker than starting a full fledged blog but be prepared to spend some money testing and tweaking you campaigns. Essentially, you match up the right traffic source to the right offer and either using a landing page to collect an email or a landing page with a link to your offer or even direct linking your affiliate link. Many people do it this way and tracking is extremely important to maximize your advertising dollars.  There are numerous paid traffic sources and I won’t get into listing them here but many online marketers have success just by focusing on that.  Remember, you have to have a big budget and a high converting offer or product along with ad creatives that get that almighty click.

Online Marketing With Social Media

Incorporating social media in your online marketing campaign can also be a great way to drive traffic to your product or offer. As an example, you could create a Facebook fan page dedicated to your niche and posting regular updates with the links pointing to your web site or offer page. This can also be done with Twitter by creating a niche specific account and tweeting relative information and links. Personally, I like Facebook fan pages because you can interact with your fans by using polls and various apps to help your posts go viral.

I know all this information I have laid out is pretty basic but if you landed on this page and kept reading than you are probably just starting out and wondering how exactly people make money online. I have been doing this a long time and will get more advanced in my postings as time goes on to help progress you to higher levels of online marketing. Stay tuned for my next update!