About Me

Hello my name is Jim Landy, I’ve been involved with Online Marketing since 2001. I’ve never personally been a product creator but I’ve made a successful living online promoting various affiliate products. I’ve been doing this a long time now and seen the market evolve into what it is today and although it’s gotten even more competitive then it used to be, there is still consistent money to be made if it’s done correctly.

I’ve had many big money days and have been labeled as a “Super Affiliate” for various dating, weight loss, and skin care affiliate offers.  Don’t be mislead, this business is extremely time consuming and hard work but it is also rewarding to work for myself from whatever location I choose.  I want other people to be able to experience this make money online lifestyle but it shouldn’t be confused with “get rich quick” schemes because that’s all just a pipe dream used by the “Gurus” to attract you to their products.

I started this blog to cover the basics as well as advanced techniques I’ve learned through the years. I’ll be covering elite tactics as well as reviewing products and giving my take on them. Feel free to contact me anytime as well as leave comments about any questions or recommendations you may have!